Did you know that drafting documents for seemingly “ordinary transactions” can submerge you into the dark waters of Oregon Securities Law?  It’s surprising, but Oregon Securities Law can apply to promissory notes, real estate sales, and fractional interests in anything from retail stores to master music recordings. Still more surprising: even if your documents are prepared perfectly, you may be liable for “aiding an unlawful sale.” 
This CLE will help you understand your exposure and how to reduce your risk of being sued. Topics include:
•        The fine line between “ordinary” transactions and transactions that expose you to claims of materially aiding an unlawful sale;
•        How to recognize transactions that qualify as an Oregon security;
•        Lawyer liability to non-clients arising out of Oregon securities transactions;
•        The red flags that signal a problem client or transaction;
•        How to reduce your liability risk; and
•        What to expect if a securities claim is made against you.
Matthew Kalmanson, Hart Wagner
Daniel Keppler, Garvey Schubert Barer
Sarah Troutt, Claims Attorney, OSB Professional Liability Fund
Emilee Preble, Lead Underwriter, OSB Professional Liability Fund
 (MCLE Credit Extended to 3/13/22.)

Topic: Malpractice Avoidance
Date: 09/13/2017
Credits:1.5 - PS
Formats: Streaming Video, MP3
OSB CLE Event ID:42879
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